The Ronson Hangup were formed when brothers Steve and Mal Pinkerton from The Anyones teamed up with Ashley Naylor (Even), Luke Thomas (The Pictures) and Dave Mudie (Courtney Barnett) out of a shared admiration for Mick Ronson, the legendary guitarist from David Bowie’s band The Spiders From Mars. Erica Menting has joined in later years.

Named as “one of the top 10 Melbourne bands to look out for” by The Age EG, they were described thus: “a gang of Melbourne riff-rock recidivists with resumes as long, tangled and dazzling as that guitar solo on Moonage Daydream. Their starry-eyed debut album is all fireworks and soaring transistor radio hooks with landslides of vocal harmony.”

EG’s Jo Roberts wrote about their self-titled debut album on Jan 30, 2009: “The band’s name may be a nod to the late, great British guitarist Mick Ronson, or a brand of hairdryer, or both. Anyway, what’s important is what they sound like and that, I tell you, is as accomplished and as clever pop music as you’d suspect from such a pedigree. The more complex songwriting and arranging is a perfect complement to the more straightforward, jangly, pop-rock writing, so the album has a great range of approaches going on – from the straight-ahead rock of the infectious Shades of Stones and Ticket Collector, to ballads such as Masterplan. The musical lineage of the Ronson Hangup goes straight back to the ilk of Badfinger, the Kinks, Beatles, Raspberries, even ELO. It’s riff-rich, harmony-laden heaven.”